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Burgos Festival

Burgos is home of numerous landscapes which are very popular in Ilocos Norte, particularly the Kapurpurawan (White) Rock Formation and Avis Falls. Moreover, the historical lighthouse, Cape Bojeador, which serves as the beacon for ships sailing across the sea, resides here.

Aside from being known for its popular landscapes, the town is rich with organic delicacies. Dragonfruits are carefully grown and harvested each year, while the sea offers plentiful amounts of seaweeds that serve as a favorite dish of the town.

The cool winds of the monsoon, or the Amian as the locals call it, often reside here, giving the town the cooling breeze that they can enjoy and indulge. For this, Burgos has utilized this opportunity to provide a safer, greener and livable energy source.

Hence, the Windmills of Burgos provides that ideal in order for them to continue on with growth and development while remaining true to their roots.





Pamulinawen Festival

As the capital of the province and the home of commerce and industry in Ilocos Norte, the City of Laoag celebrates the Pamulinawen Festival every February to honor St. William the Hermit, the patron Saint of Laoag City. The festival’s name originated from an Ilokano courtship song titled “Pamulinawen,” which narrates the never-ending pursuit of a lover.

The month-long festival will showcase the colorful culture and heritage of the city through activities such as a civic-military parade, socio-civic activities, street dance competition, pageants, and street bazaars, among others.


Tadek Festival

The town of Nueva Era is one of the four municipalities of Ilocos Norte with tribal communities, along with Adams, Carasi and Dumalneg. The Tingguian hometown celebrates the essence of unity through song and dance, or “tadek.”

Overwhelmed with joy and happiness, the people herald their traditional songs of "oggayam" and "salidummay." Drums and gongs accompany their tadek performances.

Culturally, the tadek is an expression of thanksgiving for a new couple who are believed will bring forth blessings and greater perseverance within the whole Tinguian community.

Nueva Era is also sometimes called the “Little Baguio” of Ilocos Norte, due to its cool, mountainous climate.

With its rich culture, fresh ambience, and unadulterated environment, the town has been able to establish an eco-cultural park promoting the Tingguian community and their way of life.


Guling Guling Festival

Guling-Guling, a traditional festival implemented by Spanish monks at the turn of the 16th century, is celebrated in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, the day before the Ash Wednesday—the last day of merrymaking before the Lenten season.

The celebration starts with a ritual called “Guling,” which can be translated as “mark” or “sign.” In the old days, the mayor of the town would smear people’s foreheads with a white cross using wet rice flour, signifying purity and cleansing from sins. Nowadays, the celebration starts with a colorful dance parade. Both men and women wear traditional clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.




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